Why use Daves Logs

Dave's Logs removes unwanted 'weed trees' from dense woodland. This allows specimen trees such as Oak, Sweet chestnut and Yew to grow, in the best possible conditions; greater exposure to the sun and to more readily available nutrients from the soil.

This process is essential in order to keep the dwindling number of these English specimen trees high. As well as helping to increase the number of the specimen trees, the 'weed trees' provide firewood to heat homes and support the local economy.

Although carbon makes up about half the weight of firewood and is released as carbon dioxide when the wood is burned, it is part of a natural cycle; A growing tree absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and into its molecular structure.

When the tree dies and decays, it releases the carbon back into the air. The same thing happens when the wood from a tree is burned; The same amount of carbon is released back into the atmosphere. Thus, burning wood is just a faster reversal of the natural cycle.

So you may ask...
If the destruction of tropical rain forests causes global warming and if planting trees in Canada is a good strategy to control greenhouse gas concentrations, then how can using wood for home heating be justified? The answer lies in the natural cycle of growth, maturity, decay and re-growth of trees and forests.

A healthy forest is not a museum, but a living community of plants and animals. When trees are used for energy, a part of the forest's carbon "bank" is diverted from the natural decay and forest fire cycle into our homes to heat them.

The key to ecologically sound and sustainable wood energy is to ensure the forest remains healthy, maintains a stable level of variously aged trees and provides a good habitat for diversity of other species, both plant and animals.

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